Property inspection

Inspection of building

Conduct the subject test and apply the useful date in the rehabilitation.

Physical inspection of buildings can be classified into physical property tests of concrete core and the performance tests of exterior finishing materials. Check whether the compressive strength of concrete meet the design standard, by using the concrete core collected at the site to perform the test. We carry out the carbonization test of concrete, measuring the chloride ion amount of it to consider the durability of reinforced concrete, the possibility of the corrosion of steel bar. In addition, perform the physical test of adhesive of the paint and tensile test of sealing, to collect the useful data for the total rehabilitation plan.

  • Measurement of paint thickness
  • Measurement of chloride ion
  • Inspection of ceiling hanger bolt
  • Estimate of compressive strength (rebound)
  • Adhesive test of tile
  • Sampling of concrete core