Various non destructive inspections

Inspection of building

Using special equipment to conduct inspection of building without much more damage on it.

A method of inspection without much more damage made in the building by using the special equipment. Our specialists will propose the optimal non destructive method according to the purpose of inspection.

Measuring purpose Method
Compressive strength of concrete Rebound
Concrete thickness, internet defect, crack depth Ultrasonic
Steel bar in concrete Electromagnetic wave, electromagnetic induction, X-ray
Estimate of corrosion range of internal steel bar Spontaneous potential
Estimate of corrosion speed of internal steel bar Polarization resistance
Object buried in underground Electromagnetic wave
Cavity & pipe inspection Obverse with fiberscope
Float of tile and mortar Infrared inspection
Defect evaluation of welds Ultrasonic detection
  • Inspection of steel bar arrangement of wall
  • Estimate of compressive strength of concrete
  • Inspection of ground cavity
  • Evaluation of weld defects
  • Deterioration inspect of plumbing
  • Infrared inspection of external wall