Measurement of soil and water quality

Environment research

Inspection of soil and water quality which may have various hidden risk.

Pollution of soil with harmful substances may lead to the risk of not only to human but also to decrease value of the real estate. We aim to create a safe environment in the future through environmental measurement such as soil pollution and water quality.

Soil, ground inspection and examination

Soil examination
Uniaxial compression test, Triaxial compression test, CBR test, permeability test, thermal conductivity, other measurement
Ground improvement compounding test
Various stable treatment, compound amount estimate by formula test in ground improvement, dissolution test of hexavalent chromium, design of ground improvement.
Ground inspection, site measurement
Flat board loading test of ground, CBR test at site, columnar improvement load test, Swedish sounding test, portable cone penetration test, density test at site, surface wave (Rayleigh wave) exploration, road plate loading test, drill core of improved piles

Environment research, analysis

Ground environment analysis
Soil pollution research, soil and environment/ survey on plant, express way of inspection of soil pollution.
Radiation dose, radioactivity measurement
Measurement of radiation dose, radioactivity