Various repair / Retrofit design

Design work

Contribute to the society with the optimal method in the repair and retrofit design.

In recent years, buildings and civil structures which were built in the high economic period, are getting deteriorate due to the age, and it has become a big social problem today. The technologies for repair and retrofit are progressing every year. When we discover the abnormality during inspection, we will perform a further inspection, with the result we propose an optimal plan for the repair and retrofit.

Flow of repair and retrofit design

In the repair design, we return the building and civil structure to its original design, while in the retrofit design, we upgrade the performance to the better condition. We choose the optimal method for the design in both cases.

Repair cases

  1. Cross section resurface
  2. Crack repair
  3. Salt damage repair
  4. Heat insulation installation
  5. Frost damage repair
  6. Others

Retrofit cases

  1. Retrofit of floor against overload
  2. Retrofit of wall or floor against the steel bar cutting
  3. Retrofit of beam due to the drilling hole of facilities
  4. Retrofit of the non-structural wall of mansion
  5. Retrofit of the installation of falling bridge prevention device
  6. Others