Rehabilitation design

Design work

Proposal of rehabilitation design as to increase value of the existing buildings.

Today, the transition from scrap & build to stock type society is entering transition period now. Most of the buildings do not meet the demand standard, due to the evolution of IT technology and energy conservation, the arrival of barrier free design due to high age society, and the swift change of society structure. We propose a rehabilitation design which helps to increases the value of existing building.

Buildings are required to be repaired and return the deteriorated value, under the medium and long term repair plan. However the level of society’s demand has been raised since the completion of building, and return to its value may not meet the demand nowadays. We help you to increase the value of building, propose rehabilitate plan from various angles in the way of design, in the field of such as external wall insulation, green roof, external wall repair, designing, facility renew, barrier free install, and structural retrofit due to application change.

Conceptual diagram of increase in the value of building under rehabilitation.