Building Structural Design

Design work

Using the optimal system, contribute to build the safe and secure social capital.

We need a safe and firm building to prevent us from the disaster such as earthquakes, typhoons, snowfalls, tsunamis and etc. Based on our abundant experience, we provide the safe and economic plan of structural design on the high rise building, commercial, production, cultural, public facilities, as well as marine, underground structure to customer.

Structural design

The designs of structure are planned according to the building, structural type, scale and application, which are to preserve the building against various external forces such as earthquakes to hold.

Time history response analysis

We conduct grade acquisition work on high rise buildings by time history response analysis, and grade assessment of seismic isolation on building. In addition, we also analyze and confirm the safety of the building at the time of a major earthquake and windstorm.

Design in overseas

In recent years, China, Taiwan, Indonesia have started to take structure measure against the earthquake of the building. We are conducting oversea spread of the technology of history response analysis and seismic design.

  • Structural design for new building
  • History response analysis (Super high rise building)
  • History response analysis (Super high rise building)