Incorporate support of agricultural technology

Disaster prevention and environment conservation project

We will support the incorporate of Japan agricultural technology to other countries.

For the stable production of agricultural products the soil making is an important factor, since the utilization of fertilizer (chemically, biologically) may influence its yield, growing and quality. We support the incorporate of agricultural technologies of soil improvement, pesticide free cultivation, production of organic fertilizer for the international community.

[ Case ]
One of the famous strawberry farms in China, who has used the chemical fertilizer for more than 40 years, and faced the problem of decreasing of microorganisms in soil and decline in production. We proposed the improvement of soil and reduce the utilization of the chemical fertilizer, and introduced of improved agriculture. The soil quality of the farm, the growth of strawberries were greatly improved, also the production volume was recovered. Three year later, they succeeded in installing the new type of white strawberry.

  • Coaching the soil improvement and cultivation technology
  • The production of strawberry recovered and quality improved
  • Succeeded in installation of white strawberry