Super Reinforcement with Flexibility


Retrofit the RC with polyester fiber.

The SRF is a method of wrapping the column and wall with strong polyester fiber belt or sheet on it with solvent-free urethane adhesive. (it is also called as bandage retrofit)
●RC structure
●SRC structure
●Wooden structure

Outline of method

Feature of method

  1. 1.Simple and effective

    The current anti-seismic design believes that deformation brings destruction. Its method is to strengthen structural materials with steel and resin to prevent deformation, which can be considered an indirect method. SRF is a direct method as it prevents structural materials from being destroyed by deformation.

  2. 2.Low cost, short construction period

    Compared to traditional methods, SRF wrapping work is simple, requires less time nor large equipment, and does not produce offensive noise or odors. While SRF is operating, the building can be used continuously.

  3. 3.It is a construction method which is environmentally- and people- friendly.

    It will not produce dust, noise, vibration, odor from the construction work. The adhesive is odorless, it does not contain environmental hormone-related substances such as formaldehyde, so it is safe.

  4. 4.Receiving evaluation from public institute

    The retrofit of SRF on the column and wall in RC structure is evaluated by The Japan Building Disaster Prevention Association and Certification of Construction Technology The retrofit planning are mostly archived the grading acquisition from the third party organization.

  5. 5.Abundant construction case

    SRF has been applied nationwide, from Asahikawa, Hokkaido to Naha, Okinawa, with more than 2000 projects such as offices, condominum, and public school and hospitals. In the area of the Great East Japan Earthquake and its aftershocks, there were few reports of damage, and it was possible to continue to use with minimal damage.

SRF, wrap retrofit is the registered trademark of Structural Quality Assuarance