High damping rubber vibration control


It is an earthquake retrofit damper which uses the characteristic of “High damping rubber”.

The “High damping rubber” is the special rubber which can change the kinetic energy immediately into heat energy. By using the characteristic of it, the shaking of the building can be reduced and the period of it can be shortened.
New design high rise building
New design medium rise building
Renewal with seismic retrofit

Cross section of method

The features of method

  1. 1. Effect on both the wind and earthquake

    Function in earthquake, aftershock and also the vibration of daily wind.

  2. 2. Excellent in the maintainability

    Do not need to repair or inspection for long term. It is excellent to the earthquake resistance.

  3. 3. Install in less space

    It is compact size do not cover the whole wall, which is possible to secure space for opening.

  4. 4. Absorb energy

    The high damping rubber ball absorbs the energy when it is dropping and not bound so much, compare to the normal rubber ball as shown below.



  1. use:office
  2. construction:steel construction a five-story building pure Rahmen construction
  3. total floor space:approximately 2440㎡

  • Comparison of response(Video) Left:Without damper Right:With damper