KK-ONE method


Reduction of man power on site by omitting the foundation concrete.

Using KK-ONE method in the steel frame construction can omit the install of concrete foundation, by welding the steel pipe pile with steel pipe column. The procedure of excavation of waste soil, formwork, bar of steel structure is greatly reduced, help to reduce costs, man power and also shortened the period of construction.
There are 2 ways of method of it.
Using the solid steel plate to weld with the steel pipe pile and steel pipe column.
Using the solid steel plate or H beam steel to weld with the steel pipe pile and steel pipe column directly.

Features of construction

  1. 1. Do not need the concrete foundation.
  2. 2. The arrangement of the height, horizontal, inclination of pile head or bottom of column is much more easier.
  3. 3. The on site welding process is taken place extremely easy in the case of pile, plate and column with downward welding.
  4. 4. Great strength in the joint of pile and column can be obtained.
  5. 5. The period of construction in foundation can be greatly reduced.
  6. 6. It is possible in narrow places and weak ground.
  7. 7. The waste soil is reduced and is good for environment.
  8. 8. Low noise and vibration.
  9. 9. Do not need the soil retaining, safe to neighbor.
  10. 10. Combination with the WAWO structural method, will make the construction of steel frame structure cheaper, stronger and faster to be completed.
  • Situation of construction
  • Welding