Seismic vibration control oil damper


Devices support all the structures during earthquake.

Devices of increasing the damping performance and reduce the shocking energy during the large impact force of earthquake, in the facilities from the regular building to important infrastructure facilities. It is possible to increase the safety of building is efficiently and greatly.

KYM oil damper

The KYM oil damper is made for the isolation of structural building, combined with seismic isolation bearing which is applied in between the ground and structure. It absorbs seismic energy during the earthquake and protects the safety of structure. It is also the highest performance of device which is available in respond to the displacement and speed of building of the long period seismic wave.
Ministry Approval
750KN : MVBR-0481
1000KN : MVBR-0511
Ministry Approval
750KN : MVBR-0476
1000KN : MVBR-0512

KYD oil damper

The KYD oil damper is a high-performance vibration control device which absorbs vibration and heat energy. It performs steadily even in severe environments, thanks to its low thermolability. The KYD also has bilinear characteristics that allow optimal functionality of its release valve in response to small and large vibrations alike, making it suitable for stable (speed-dependent) damping functionality.
Industry evaluation number: CBL ID004-11