Protect Guard

Ecology building countermeasure

A product which make your processing surface beautiful, and having the effect of repellent of water.

Guard Industries has developed water repellent products with surface protection technology. It does not compromise the breathability and gas permeability. It can be applied to concrete, wood, stone, brick, mortar, paint and also the fabric. Moreover there are water based products, which are excellent to environment and it is harmless too. The maintenance fee of the building can be reduced since it may protect it for a long term. We always propose the ultimate maintenance plan with various types of eco building materials, in order to protect the asset of customers.

Feature of method

  1. 1.Protect from water, grease and stain.
  2. 2.It can be colored, and the variety is plentiful. You can have your processing surface remain the nature appearance.
  3. 3.Ensure the breathability.
  4. 4.It can be used in concrete surface, 24hours after the demolding.
  5. 5.Since the performance can last 10-15years, we provide the 10 years quality assurance.
  6. 6.Have the anti-graffiti protection, photocatalytic effect.

Case Study

  • Tian An Men square, Beijing, China
    Product: ProtectGuard HD
  • Prince of Wales museum, Mumbai, India
    Product: ProtectGuard
  • Cornouaille Theater, Quimper, France
    Product: WoodGuard Color
  • Bernini’s Colonnade, St. Peter’s Square, Vatican
    Product: ProtectGuard