PD separation method(FILTOM)

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Technology that changes common sense of filter with the combination of “dialysis” and “filtration”.

Filtom explores a new generation membrane technology called “PD separation”, which is the world’s first filter technology to remove the nano size particles stably. This was developed based on the intermediate idea of “dialysis” technology used in artificial dialysis, and the “filtration” technology used in water treatment. The sterilization rate is greatly superior compare with the heat sterilization, it reaches 99.9999% which has changed the common sense of filter.
The future theme of the utilization of PD membrane separation in the future are:
・Low-cost seawater desalination technology
·Purification of pond and lake water
・Control of residual chlorine concentration in tap water
・Wastewater treatment etc. R & D
We will cooperate with Filtom to work on the development of membrane separation technology in Japan and also toward the world.