Enzyme decomposition technologies

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Using the enzyme decomposition technologies to produce high added value in processing food

Using the three enzyme decomposition patented technologies, we have make it possible to produce the processing food and make use of it nature. In these technologies, we do not use the traditional method such as heat decomposing, chemical decomposing, crushing, squeezing, etc, but we are using the enzyme technologies to extract the active ingredients at room temperature. We contribute to the health and long life by providing the nutritious processed food.

Unicellularization of plant cell technology

Patent No. 2709289
Technology of separating the cells without breaking the cell wall.
(apply in carrot, ginseng, mulberry leaves, garlic, soybean)

Ambient Temperature Enzyme room temperature decomposition elution technology

Patent No.2871585
Technology of decompose the hard cereals and mushroom’s cell wall, by the enzyme at room temperature
(Process to supplements and have high reputation, in the substances of brown rice, lion mane mushroom, agaricus, bracket fungus, phellinus linteus)

Matrix Enzyme Emulsion of low molecular enzyme decomposition elution technology

Patent No. 2971860
Enzyme decomposition of the animals which have the valuable nutrients, are completely turn into colloidal state. Hydrolysis of rigid proteins such as collagen,low molecular of hyaluronic acid etc. (Suitable in process of hyaluronic acid collagen derived from cockscomb, chondroitin sulfate derived from shark, etc.)