Water activator system

Living environment

A system which change the tap water to “activated” nature water.

Aqua clean is the water activator with Aguaclean far infrared composite ceramics of water activator, is similar to the miniature of waterfall, brook and fountain. It could improve the energy of natural water ultimately by applying the principle of the purification and activation of natural water. (Water activation, mineral granulation, cluster subdivision, water molecule repair)

Benefit of activated water.

  1. 1.Activated the life

    Penetrate to the live cell, keep it fresh and provide preservation effect.

  2. 2.Purification

    Decompose and remove bacteria, harmful substances, odors.

  3. 3.It has the adjusting and resolution function

    Adjust the pH of water, prevent the occurrence of rusty water.

  4. 4.It has the surfactant function

    Easy to remove the stain such as grease.

  5. 5.Prevent the adhesion

    Prevent the adhesion of inorganic substances such as scale, prevent it to grow and stick.

Application field

  • Aquaclean is different from the purified water system, which it is installed tol the water supply pipe, so that if we turn on the tap, we can have the activated water from all of it.