Quick hardening high performance floor coating

Floor coating method

It can be applied in short period, as quick hardened floor coating material.

It is based on MMA resin, which is excellent in impact resistance and chemical resistance, and it is quick hardened so that the work can be completed in a short period. Those coating with antibacterial properties materials are suitable for HACCP, food plants, pharmaceutical plants which require the sanitary control. Moreover, MMA resin is transparent, which is excellent in design, sanitary properties, durability and abrasion resistance.

Feature of method

  1. 1.It has particularly strong characteristics on organic acid, yeast, salt, carbohydrate, fat content and etc, which is generated in food plants as well as acid and alkali.
  2. 2.Excellent in crack followability, due to having moderate toughness compared to the epoxy floor coating
  3. 3.The hardening time is about one hour. The repair work can be finished with one and half day, if it is carried out in the night or holiday, even including the surface treatment.
  4. 4.Excellent in safety.
  5. 5.Even in cold region, it has the low temperature curability and all the seasons construction can be applied.