Peeling prevention method of concrete

Peeling prevention method.

Peeling prevention method of concrete.

The progression of deteriorating of carbonation, salt damage, alkaline aggregate reaction in concrete, will lead to third party injury if it is possible the concrete is peeling off. Apply the special resin and net on the surface of concrete structure, will prevent the penetration of deterioration factors such as salt, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide and etc, and as the same time it also will prevent the peeling of concrete.

Feature of method

  1. 1. Choose the optimum material to shut down the deterioration factors regarding to the reason occurred.
  2. 2.The prevention method of peeling has the characteristics of flexibility which is excellent in following the deterioration.
  3. 3.Can be applied in various places such as bridge, pier, agricultural canal, tunnel and etc.

Photo of construction

  • Standard cross section
  • Intermediate status of coating
  • Coating of top layer