Tough resin clear guard method

Peeling prevention method.

Apply to the tile of external wall, preventing happened of disaster caused by peeling.

Apply the solvent free urea urethane resin on the deteriorated tile wall, can prevent the injury of third party due to peeling of tile wall. The material is clear in color which do not damage the texture of existing tiles.

Cross section of method

Feature of method

  1. 1.Ensure high transparency

    Can ensure to remain the design of existing tile patterns with reinforcement layer.

  2. 2.Ensure the excellent strength of coating

    Using the strong and tough urea urethane resin to ensure the strength of coating.

  3. 3.Keep the beautiful outlook long term

    Using the acrylic silicone resin top coat to ensure the durability.

  4. 4.Establish an approved standard construction system

    Establish an approved standard construction system for quality assurance.