SSI method

Structure repair method

Cross section resurfaces of concrete deteriorated by salt damage.

SSI method is the high corrosion inhibitor material applied to the concrete structure which is deteriorated by salt damage. The main part of this method, salt absorbent which play a role as absorb chloride ion, and has the function of release the nitrite ion which are previously held, it is possible to create a corrosion proof environment effectively. The preparation cost can be adjusted with the application of work method and amount according to the deteriorate condition and chloride ion amount. We can correspond to the cases where the chloride ion exceed 10kg/㎥.

Main application

  • Structure of salt absorbent, reaction image
  • Half circumference repair
  • Whole circumference repair

Feature of method

  1. 1.Absorb the remaining corrosion layer on the surface of steel bar, in order to prevent the corrosion progression.
  2. 2.Reduce the salt amount in the concrete from the surface of steel bar and its surroundings.
  3. 3.The removing of concrete can be reduced if the chloride ion is less than 10kg/㎥