CF laminate

Loading improvement method

A method of adhere of CF laminate on the concrete surface.

CF laminate method is a repair method which uses the carbon fiber laminate sticks to the surface of concrete with high viscous epoxy resin adhesive.
●Retrofit of RC slab, beam
●Retrofit of opening

Outline of method

Reinforcement method involving bonding of CF laminate to the frame to be retrofitted
Tensile force is received by the CF laminate, improve the bending strength.

Feature of materials (repair, retrofit of structure)

It is a carbon fiber-reinforced plastic cured board by high strength or medium elastic carbon fibers, which are aligned in one direction and impregnated with epoxy resin. It is used by adhere to the body of concrete, in the retrofit work of slab, beam, chimney of RC. It can be used for the wooden structure.

Main application

  • Slab retrofit (top bending retrofit)
  • Slab retrofit (bottom bending retrofit)
  • Retrofit of opening on wall
  • Retrofit of opening on slab
  • Retrofit of bottom of beam
  • Retrofit of chimney

Feature of method

  1. 1.Manual application, no need for heavy machinery, can shorten the period of construction.
  2. 2.Quality control of work is easy to be handled, just apply the vision inspection on the base material.
  3. 3.Minimal increase in load after reinforcement, no welding is required and there is no danger of fire.
  4. 4.It is lightweight, work can be done by hand only, good workability in narrow space.
  5. 5.Upward work is suitable for retrofit work, can reduce painful work.
  6. 6.It will not rust, and make it can stand in harsh environment.
  7. 7.There is no drooling of the adhesive, the surrounding curing of work site will be reduced.
  8. 8.It is suitable to the retrofit of small structure of steel frame and wood.
  9. 9.It is applicable to the low tensile strength of concrete, which is above 10. 0N/mm2