Out Flame method

Seismic retrofit

Connect the building and pre stressed concrete flame (PC flame) with on site casting slab.

Using the PC of beam and which were factory made, move in the site, and connect it to the existing building with on site casting slab.
Mansion, school, hospital, government office building etc

Feature of method

  1. 1.The building can be used even during construction

    The flame can be set from the external of building, which is suitable for the works in mansion, school, hospital and government offices.

  2. 2.Less on site work.

    Due to the pre-production at the factory, the work at the site will be reduced as same as the burden of the users of building.

  3. 3.Keep the external beautiful appearance.

    It doesn’t have the diagonal material, which can secure the sunlight and wind pass through, and excellent in design too.

  4. 4.Do not need maintenance

    The durability of the high strength concrete is excellent.

Photo of the method