Seismic retrofit by Carbon Fiber Sheet

Seismic retrofit

Using carbon fiber sheet we can retrofit the building with high reinforcement effect.

SR-CF is a way using carbon fiber sheet apply to whole member of structure. With the combination with carbon fiber anchor, we can apply it to the side walled column, slab beam, shear wall, which have the same reinforcement effect, and same merit of the workability, safety and quietness with isolated column

Feature of SR-CF

  1. 1.Short period of construction with stay on it.

    ●The material is light and large equipment is unnecessary.
    ●Do not need fire and welding
    ●Construction method with little noise and vibration
    ●It takes short period to finish construction compared to the steel plate retrofit and concrete lining retrofit.

  2. 2.Usable in wide range of buildings

    ●Buildings subject to be retrofitted vary from its year, application, species of steel bar(round or deformed bar), structural type and etc. SR-CF has established the design method for those structures.

  3. 3.It has large effect of retrofit and high reliability.

    ●It has the evaluation method been established, improve the earthquake resistance performance (strength, deform performance).
    ●Evaluation method of fire resistance performance has been established.

  4. 4.Easy to be applied.

    ●Apply the CF anchor on the retrofit of side walled column, wall, which was difficult at last time due to the chip and breaking work will be needed of it, now we can apply it easier, since the plate and post installed anchor is no more required.

Feature of CF anchor

Strand of Carbon fiber
CF anchor

CF anchor is bundled carbon fiber, which is being applied as spreading the end in a fan shape and adhering to the carbon fiber sheet.
When apply to the side walled column, the part which carbon sheet wrapped around the column is divided by the wall, we will drill small hole in the wall, insert the CF anchor and connect with separated CF sheet to form a closed type of retrofit layer.

Case of SR-CF method

  • Retrofit of beam
  • Retrofit of column
  • Retrofit of side walled column
  • Retrofit without removal of window.