Toggle vibration control system

Seismic vibration control

Apply the machinery technology in seismic control system.

Apply the principle of level in Toggle vibration control system (amplification system with damping brace), consists of two braces and one damper. The system absorb the seismic energy efficiently, suppress the shaking of building.
New construction, High rise building
Seismic retrofit renovation

Schematic of method

Features of method

  1. 1.There is no deterioration in performance

    The toggle vibration control device is an oil damper which can handle from a tiny shake to a big one and does not deteriorate performance in almost permanently.

  2. 2.Construction with low cost

    The rate of absorption energy is high, as a result can be reduced to 50%-70% compare to others reinforcement method, lower cost will be needed in seismic retrofit.

  3. 3. Less shifting cost

    We can propose the plan which can allow the residents and tenants to shift to other place as little as possible, to save a lot of shifting fee on it.