Dove joint

Seismic retrofit

Excellent joint mechanism, with good design, high safeness, and well workability

The traditional retrofit method which are used with the steel braces and vibration control braces, are attached to the building body through the steel frame. This steel frame need to transfer the force between the brace and building reliably, and it needed to be compactly separated and carried into the building. In the traditional product, the split steel frame is bolted by the splice plate, which may damage the design and fear of causing injury due to the exposure of head of the bolt to the outside of steel frame. The dove joint uses convex and concave cast steel parts at joint, fit and fasten them with high tension bolt, which is different from the traditional join. Keep the high performance without protruding of bolt, ensure the high habitability and safety.

Feature of Dove joint

  1. 1.A smart design

    No protruding of bolts and nuts, which will make a good settled up. The injury due to the bolt can be avoided.

  2. 2.Receiving the industry evaluation

    The strength of the materials been evaluated by the Center for Better Living, a nonprofit organization (CBL SS001-07).

  3. 3.JIS standard of material

    Use high-strength cast steel for welding structure at the joint SCW550 (JIS G 5102).

  4. 4.Improve the workability

    Simplify the work of joint, and shorten the period of construction.

  5. 5.Simplify the work of finishing

    Since there is no protruding of bolt outside of the steel frame, finishing work can be simplified.

  • Case 1 of Dove joint
  • Case 2 of Dove joint