Advanced vibration control system

Seismic vibration control

Innovative vibration control system applied with mechanical technology.

Advanced vibration control system with amplification functionality is an innovative device that consists of two braces and one damper. With this system, energy from an earthquake or strong wind is amplified and conducted to the dampers, by means of displacement and speed-amplifying mechanism. The damper efficiently absorbs the energy to damp building deformation or acceleration. Damage is limited to building exterior as well as interior by preventing furniture and fixtures from overturning or movement.

Industry Evaluation number CBL ID 002-08

Features of Advanced Vibration Control System

  1. 1. Reduction in the number of installed devices

    The number of installed devices can be reduced to 1/2-2/3 compare with other methods, due to the maximum amplifying of its performance of the damper.

  2. 2. No restriction on disposition of devices

    Contrary to traditional methods which required the devices to be multiply layered, this system allows more discretion in design and provides greater efficiency.

  3. 3. Smart and simple design

    Small tubes give a less-intimidating impression. Fresh-design cast iron frames are used for aseismic reinforcement.

  4. 4.No hampering of an entrance or a window

    The device is so compact as to enable placing it at an entrance or a window.

  5. 5.Short construction period

    The device needs to be installed in few places, resulting in a short construction period.

  6. 6.Cost reduction

    Costs can be reduced compared to the traditional method, thanks to a smaller damper, fewer points of installation, and a shorter construction period.

  • Case 1 of installation of Advanced vibration control system
  • Case 2 of installation of Advanced vibration control system
  • Case 3 of installation of Advanced vibration control system