Seismic isolation bearing

Seismic isolation method

It is the cushion member between the bridge girder and pier which protect people’s lives and wealth.

The bearing of bridge can support and protect the bridge in harsh environment, such as under the change of temperature, wind pressure and etc, it can still working as the cushion between the bridge girder and pier, constantly required to deal with complicated conditions. The bearing applied in the construction field, need to adapted to various shapes of building, such as the public facilities of school, hospital, and also the office building and house. We respond to the requests of spreading of seismic isolation technology to the facilities and protect the human life and wealth of it.

  • Natural rubber laminated bearing
    Ministry Approval number MVBR-0521(G3)
    Ministry Approval number MVBR-0522(G4)
  • Steel sliding bearing
    Ministry Approval number MVBR-0156
    Ministry Approval number MVBR-0242
    Ministry Approval number MVBR-0368
  • Steel sliding bearing
    Ministry Approval number MVBR-0336
    Ministry Approval number MVBR-0337
    Ministry Approval number MVBR-0394

It supports a wide range of structural sliding bearing for general construction.