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About private information of customer

We, T-MEC will properly manage the personal information according to the law concerning protection and other related laws and regulations as below.
•Definition of personal information.
Personal information is information of living individuals which can be identified by name, date of birth and other descriptions included the information. (Including those can be identify specific individuals by collating with other information)
•About collecting of the personal information.
We collect personal information by appropriate and fair ways. We will also notice and announce the purpose of usage in advance.
•About use of personal information.
We use the personal information within the purpose of notification and announcement.
•About providing personal data.
We will not provide personal information to third parties unless we got the consent of the person himself/herself or as permitted by law generally. However when it is necessary to handle the personal information to a third party for achieving the purpose of use, we will supervise it to the extent necessary and appropriate.
•About management of personal information.
We will strive to maintain the accurate and update personal information, prevent the leakage, loss or damage of personal information, with the safety management measures in organization, human, physical and technical.