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As a global company, serves as a bridge between the world and region.

Since its establishment, we have been developing business in the fields of building, civil engineering, environment and trade etc, as a global company responds to advanced and diversified social needs.

In order to spread the technologies and patents which are sleeping in various parts of Japan, such as field of building and civil engineering, agricultural technologies, food and cosmetics, which are “Made in Japan” products, we are aiming to make a bridge between the world and region through the matching project.

We preserve the customer first principle with the effort of all employees, using the proposal skills and technologies of experienced staff, to create a more attractive company for everyone.

To build a strong corporate group, we need to create an environment where can provide the motivation for people who work together, and to work with commitment. We believe that “People” are the greatest asset, and we will cherish the connection between employees, work closely with each other so that everyone’s mind can be shaped.

We will continue to strive and grow with society, become a company which can contribute to public. We appreciate for your further support and cooperation.

松岡 彰彦
Akihiko Matsuoka


  • Company name
    T-MEC CO ., LTD.
  • Head office
    8-46, 1-chome,Misawa, Matsuyama,Ehime 791-8022,Japan
    TEL: +81-89-922-1060 FAX: +81-89-922-1061
  • Established
    16th March 2015
  • Capital
    65 million yen
  • President and Representative Director
    Akihiko Matsuoka
  • Our Business
    Concrete structure inspection & diagnosis
    Concrete structure repair, renew & retrofit
    Building construction and civil engineering, design contract
    Production of agricultural materials and fertilizer, and trade, export and import
    Export, import &, trading
    Research & Development
  • Academic degree
    Doctor(PhD) of Engineering
  • Certified Engineers
    Professional engineer
    Registered first class architect
    Registered first class structural engineer
    Building structural engineer
    Registered first class building operation and management engineer
    Registered first class civil construction management engineer
    Registered first class electrical work operation and management engineer
    Registered first class pipe construction management engineer
    Registered land surveyor
    Concrete diagnostics engineer
    Road bridge inspection engineer
    Building finishing diagnostics engineer
  • Construction license
    MLIT’s permit (special-2) No.26243
  • Architecture office
    Ehime prefectural governor’s register No.3243
    Tokyo governor’s register No.61212
    Fukuoka governor’s register No.1-61965
  • Bank
    Iyo bank (honmachi branch)
    Ehime bank (honmachi branch)
    Mizuho bank (matsuyama branch)
    Tokushimataisho bank (matsuyama branch)
  • Group company
    Anchor Service Corporation
    MP, Co., LTD.
    THAI T-MEC Co., LTD.


  • Head office

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    8-46, 1-chome,Misawa, Matsuyama,Ehime 791-8022,Japan
    TEL: +81-89-922-1060 FAX: +81-89-922-1061

  • Tokyo branch

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    Kanda Ohki Building 9F, 3-chome,3-3,Kandakaji-cho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 101-0045,Japan
    TEL: +81-3-3526-3501 FAX: +81-3-3526-3502

  • ●Nagoya Branch

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    KDX Nagoya Ekimae Building 13F, 3-chome,26-8,Meieki,Nakamura-ku,Nagoya-shi,Aichi 450-0002,Japan
    TEL: +81-52-588-5353

  • Osaka branch

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    7-38,2-chome,Nishimiyahara,Yodogawa-ku,Osaka,Osaka 532-0004,Japan
    TEL: +81-6-6399-7100 FAX: +81-6-6399-7111

  • Hiroshima branch

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    GRANODE Hiroshima 3F,
    3-5-7,Futabanosato,Higashi-ku,Hiroshima,Hiroshima 730-0057,Japan
    TEL: +81-82-506-1582

  • Fukuoka branch

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    FK Building 8F,
    2-6-10,Hakataekimae,Hakata-ku,Fukuoka,Fukuoka 812-0011,Japan
    TEL: +81-92-433-2200 FAX: +81-92-433-2230

  • Kochi branch

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    403,844-3,Kera Ko,Kochi-shi,Kochi 781-5105,Japan

  • Okinawa branch

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    Y’s City Nishimachi 1103,
    2-13-1,Nishi,Naha City,Okinawa 900-0036,Japan
    TEL: +81-98-862-1022


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