We have launched the 3rd edition of the original brand “ECRAL”.


In addition to the cosmetics series so far, “Hand Sanitizer Gel” have been added to the 3rd new lineup.

In order to prevent the COVID-19 infection, a new lifestyle has been adopted. Hand disinfection and wearing a mask have become a common routine. Alcohol disinfection is become common manner today.

This hand sanitizer is a [designated quasi-drug] with 78.85% alcohol concentration, which cleared the numerical value recommended by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

It came in a 100 ml mini bottle, very convenient to carry, so you can sterilize it anytime, anywhere.


Start a new habit with hand sanitizer to protect yourself and your loved ones.


<ECRAL Hand Sanitizer Gel 100m>

・[Designated quasi-drug] certified

・Contains 83ml of Japan Pharmacopoeia`s ethanol (alcohol concentration: 78.85%)

・Gel type with excellent quick-drying and easy to apply

・Combined with moisturizing ingredients, which feels comfortable for the skin

・Mini bottle sized, very convenient to carry