We have started of handling the “ProtectGuard” the penetrating


Innovation of the protection repair decoration of building material
“ProtectGuard” the penetrating non-film forming based protective agent.

“ProtectGuard applicate”
1. Protect material by repel the water and oil but remain permeable to air and water vapour.
2. Formula to suit each type of porosity like concrete wood stone brick stucco paint and also applicable to fabric.
3. Water-based eco-friendly product.

“Application on concrete and stone”
1. Performance can be lasted for 10-15 years thus a 10years worldwide guarantee is provided
2. Can be colouring without modify the surface texture obtain a uniform finishing.
3. The colour chart offer 50 standard colours and also can make custom-made colour from 1950 types.

“Application on wood”
1. It penetrates deep into the wood fibres made it completely impermeable to water grease and stains.
2. It enhances wood’s durability last for more than 10years.
3. It enables to give wood a decorative colour without damage its appearance.

“Photocatalytic protection”
1. It has the self-cleaning property.
2. Remove pollutants in outdoor air.
3. Applicable on concrete stone and brick
4. Transparent. Ideal for both new and old renovated buildings

It is also applicable in anti-graffiti and heavily duty environment.